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Republic of Cyprus

Passports and Visas

Admission and Transit Restrictions
Entry regulations apply only to the areas controlled by the Government of the Republic of Cyprus.

A passport is required by all travellers, except for holders of:
– Laissez-Passer issued by the United Nations.
– Document issued to stateless persons and recognised refugees.

Further to the above, citizens of the European Union (EU) countries, as well as of Switzerland, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway may enter Cyprus with their national identity card, provided there is a photograph.

The Government of the Republic of Cyprus refuses admission to:
Holders of ‘passports’ issued illegally by the secessionist entity, the so-called ‘Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus’ (TRNC).

Work Visas

For those intending to be employed in Cyprus, the issue of an employment permit by the Civil Archive and Migration Office is required, and thereby no visa is required in order to travel to Cyprus.

For detailed information on Visa Application Procedure and Documents Required please contact:

Consular Department, Lefkosia (Nicosia)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus
Presidential Palace Avenue
1447 Lefkosia
Tel: (+357) 22 651 000
Fax: (+357) 22 661 881
Email: / (general information)

“Visas – A list of countries requiring a Visa to enter Cyprus can be found on the webpage:”

Traveller Advice Regarding the Turkish Occupied Areas of the Republic of Cyprus
The Government of the Republic of Cyprus is the only recognised Government on the island; a member of the EU since May 01, 2004, as well as a member of the UN and other International Organisations.

As a result of the Turkish military presence and occupation, the Government of the Republic of Cyprus is not in a position to exercise control over the occupied areas of the Republic. The so-called ‘TRNC’ has been condemned and declared as both illegal and invalid by the whole of the International Community through Security Council Resolutions 541/83 and 550/84. With the sole exception of Turkey, no state in the world or International Organisation recognises the secessionist entity.

Presently, it is possible for foreign tourists who visit the government-controlled area of the Republic of Cyprus, to cross to the occupied areas. It is prudent to note the following precautions:

– Staying in Greek Cypriot owned hotels in the occupied areas, which are being illegally exploited, would put you at great risk of possible legal action on the part of the owners.

– Any entry into the territory of the Republic of Cyprus via any other port or airport in the Turkish-occupied areas of Cyprus is illegal, and travellers doing so may face legal consequences. Therefore you are urged to travel via the recognised ports of entry (Larnaka and Pafos International Airports / seaports of Lemesos (Limassol), Larnaka (Larnaca), Pafos (Paphos) and Latsi).

Within the European Union (EU)

There are no limits on what you can buy and take with you when you travel between EU countries, as long as it is for personal use and not for resale.

VAT and duty are included in the price you pay and, since these vary from country to country, you may want to take advantage of some attractive price differences.

Shops at airports and on ships may also provide some bargains, although duty-free shopping no longer exists when travelling within the EU.


  • Martha Grey

    We’ve been visiting Cyprus for the last 5 years for summer holidays. This year for first time we went to the occupied area with EMAN tours and we strongly recommend to all visitors the services of this company!

    June 1, 2019 at 11:37 am

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